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Ichi Jug (white)

The Ichi carafe was designed for all households that crave clean, modern and elegant shapes.

€ 80.00 EUR
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A unique design.

Elegant and discreet, it bases its appeal on its functionality, the way it serves water and its aesthetics. The latter is based on a risky exercise in composition. Where the visual weight of the upper part is counterbalanced by the belly of the lower part, which protrudes in the opposite direction.

premium quality
High quality porcelain.

We always strive to offer the best possible quality. That is why we select porcelain as our star material. Its historical importance is no coincidence. It is a material with an exceptional quality that allows for spectacular finishes.

our secret
100% handmade process

We trust in the value that the hands of an artisan bring to an object. We support and celebrate the artisan process with its perfect imperfections, and we love that behind each piece there is a story of passion and dedication to a craft almost as old as the history of mankind itself.

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